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Exclusive AOG Transport Service

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AOG Repuestos de Aviones

Transport and customs procedures for aircraft components and spare parts for onshore breakdowns

An AOG (aircraft on ground) is a material, spare part or component necessary for an aircraft to fly.


The transport of aeronautical spare parts is a process which is not exempt from complying with other customs requirements for imports and exports, as well as those necessary for boarding an aeroplane such as safety, dangerous goods and other similar requirements.

At ACT, AOGs have been one of our specialities for several years. We have created a procedure which maximises the streamlining of the whole process of transporting spare parts for AOG aeroplanes, so that the component arrives in time and correctly at its destination.

Our efficiency in this service is demonstrable and of a very high level. There are several airlines which regularly entrust us with this transport, as well as suppliers or distributors of aeroplane spare parts.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in charge of this issue for your airline company, or if you represent a company from the aviation industry.

ACT Aduanas, Comercio y Transportes, S.A.

Dedication and honest service adapted to the needs of our clients. Our company was created in 1997, and since then has become a leader in customs management and the transport of goods.


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