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International trade and transport and customs procedures

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Que ofrecemos

Export and import services by air and maritime shipping

Whether you are a business or an individual, contact us if you need to carry out customs management or transport your products to any destination from any point of origin. After studying your requirements we will offer you the best solution, with a full guarantee and security.

We have clients who export and import pharmaceutical products, others who regularly export perishable goods, and others who export dangerous goods or restricted use technological products, vehicles, etc. In all cases we take charge of customs management and everything necessary for the goods to be shipped by the requested method (aeroplane, ship, lorry) and arrive at their destination.

Of special importance has been our provision of a transport as sensitive as “AOG” (solutions for broken-down “aircraft on ground”) and the transport of aircraft components, where airline companies can trust our collaboration, quality of service and efficiency.

Another field in which we have achieved a high level of quality is in the transport of individuals’ goods to their countries of origin or the goods of companies that export to those countries. Of great importance is our presence in both air and maritime transport to Equatorial Guinea and to all of Central Africa in general. Just as important is our provision of transport of goods to the American continent, especially to counties such as Bolivia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

ACT Aduanas, Comercio y Transportes, S.A.

Dedication and honest service adapted to the needs of our clients. Our company was created in 1997, and since then has become a leader in customs management and the transport of goods.


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